Wawa’s Breakfast Hours | Menu Price

Wawa’s breakfast hours menu is similar to some of the best books which are short and sweet. It offers you 9 types of Sizzli, 21 varieties of hoagies, and another 21 varieties of breakfast burritos.

Sizzli breakfast includes varieties of Sandwiches, Wawa offers a breakfast menu at an affordable price. Wawa’s restaurant is the best place to grab the best breakfast. Also, Sizzli’s provides sourdough melts, oatmeal bowls, breakfast, and bagels.  Get fresh foods in Wawa’s breakfast both for built-to-order and also for ready-to-go when you’re in some urgency equally. 

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Wawa’s on-the-go food items:

Wawa’s popular on-the-go Sizzli menu provides various types of food like egg and cheese, sausage, egg white and cheese, turkey sausage, and much more.

Wawa’s built-to-order food items:

Wawa’s built-to-order food items contain more than 20 different types of breakfast bowls, hoagies, sourdough melts, and burritos. Also, here you can make your own sandwich. Get a large variety of breakfast burritos with fried egg salsa and cheese which are well covered with a flour tortilla.

wawa's breakfast hours


Breakfast Bowls:

In addition, the another best option in Wawa’s breakfast is the breakfast bowls which are featured with applewood smoked bacon cream chipped beef, pancakes, sausages, fried eggs, and much more.

Wawa’s breakfast hours menu:

Wawa’s breakfast menu is the best as it provides so many varieties of delicious dishes. Here, you can get 9 types of Sizzli and 21 types of hoagies with three different sizes. Also, it serves breakfast burritos, sourdough melts, breakfast and oatmeal bowls, and bagels.

  • Sizzlis ($2.69)
  • Breakfast Burritos( $2.99)
  • Breakfast Bowls ($3.19)
  • Hoagie Short (6 in.) ($4.39)
  • Hoagie Classic (10 in.) ($5.59)
  • Bagel ($0.95)
  • Bagel with Cream Cheese, Cucumber, & Tomato($2.19)
  • Bagel with Cream ( $1.59)
  • Bagel with Butter ( $1.89)
  • Oatmeal: Small (1.99), Medium ($2.49),  Large ($2.99)

Online orders:

Wawa also offers an online order in various ways like the Wawa app, Uber eats, Grubhub, and DoorDash. Since Wawa’s online delivery is available in many areas, you can get food easily. Moreover, Wawa’s breakfast delivers everything you crave like breakfast, hoagies, snacks, sides, lattes, and as well as ice cream, milkshakes, and soft pretzels. 

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New menu item in Wawa

Beyond Breakfast Sausage

Wawa has introduced a new plant-based ingredient menu which is called Beyond Breakfast Sausage for the breakfast. Additionally, the Special menu in Wawa is a part of the Sizzli breakfast sandwich which contains egg and cheese on a bagel. Here, you can order the menu using the touch screen system even in other food items like breakfast burritos, breakfast bowls, and as well as built to order bagel sandwiches. Beyond breakfast, Sausage was introduced as per the wish of customers as many are in need of a plant-based ingredient menu item.

Wawa’s catering services:

Furthermore, Wawa has also catering services for both bigger and smaller events. Full-service makes you throw a big event whereas in-store pick up can be used for organizing smaller events what you have to do is just to create your menus and place an order online. Moreover, in-store pick up you can get coffee, hoagies, light bites, and bagels.

Moreover, Wawa offers multi services like coffee, food, and has. Furthermore, it has another best option in its restaurants like Wawa’s secret menu items like the rainbow bagel, colorful lemonades, utopia, free coffee, Wawa reserve coffee, sourdough melts, quesadillas, and too many other menus. 

Wawa’s breakfast  hours timing:

Also, Wawa has friendly customer services to serve you at any time. It serves breakfast between 5 am and 11 am. Similarly, it is open all day and night.

Use of Chains’ store locator:

Make use of Chain’s store locator to know about the working hours’ details of Wawa’s restaurant. 

How to reach Wawa’s restaurant?

  • Visit Wawa.com and tap on the Location link which appears at the top of the Home screen.
  • Type your city, state, address, and click on search.
  • Click on the particular location which you wanted to visit so that you can get all the information about Wawa’s restaurants.

You can also reach Wawa’s restaurant through social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Linked In 

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Frequently asked questions

1. Does Wawa serve breakfast every day?

Yes, Wawa serves breakfast for all day but if it does not serve 24/7, it has few other options where you can order some breakfast for all day.

2. What does Wawa have for breakfast?

  • Breakfast Sourdough Melts.
  • Breakfast Burritos (contains scrambled eggs, salsa, and cheese which are covered in a flour tortilla)
  • Oatmeal.
  • Breakfast Bowls.

3. What are the best Sandwiches at Wawa?

  • The Gobbler
  • Ham Hoagie
  • Cheesesteak
  • Meatball
  • Cheese Hoagie
  • Pepperoni

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