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 If you are craving to have the best breakfast in the country, then visit Sonic Drive-In restaurants which provide different varieties of breakfast like Sandwiches, burrito, and toasters. Also, you can get French Toast sticks and Cinnabon cinnasnacks with cream cheese topping.

About Sonic Restaurant

Sonic Drive-In which contains 3,500 locations sis the most famous fast-food chain in the United States of America. Since Sonic serves the best food, it is difficult to select the right one. Sonic was launched in 1953 with the motto “Service with the Speed of Sound”.

Sonic Restaurants are especially known for their food ordering manner. Sonic’s sandwiches and other food items bring the homemade feel.

Sonic provides the best dining etiquette. Sonic also serves breakfast like any other fast-food restaurant chains. Here you can get the menu all day long because Sonic is considered as the Quick Service restaurant industry. Customers can order their breakfast burrito even before 12.00 am.

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Sonic Breakfast Hours

Sonic Breakfast Hours Serving Timings

Not all the Sonic restaurants work for the same hours. Working hours changes from one location to another. Some restaurants are available all day long, some are available at 6.00 am and some other restaurants open at 7.00 am and some at 8.00 am. Also, the closing time is changed for all the locations, some closes at 10.00 am and some other at 11.00 pm.

The sonic breakfast menu is available with non-stop serving. Almost all Sonic restaurants will be available at 6.00 am and 12.00 am. But the opening timing changes on Saturday’s and Sunday’s where it opens at 7.00 am. To know the restaurant’s open timing you can seek the help of Chain’s store locator where you can get the complete detail about the Sonic restaurant. 

Sonic restaurants open late on Tuesdays so plan your breakfast time in Sonic on Tuesdays.

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Use of Chain’s Store Locator

Before visiting the restaurant it is good to be confirmed about the working hours in advance from Chain’s store locator or through Call. Sonic is different from other fast-food chains because the customers who sit in parked cars can also order their food through Viacom. And the food will be served via carhops for them.

Sonic’s Breakfast Menu

  • Breakfast Burrito ($2.59)
  • French Toast Sticks with Syrup  ($2.49)
  • French Toast sticks with syrup +Drink ($3.49)
  • Cinnasnacks ($3.99)
  • Breakfast Toaster-Combo ($4.89)
  • Cinnasnacks Combo ($4.99)
  • SuperSONIC Breakfast Burrito ($3.89)
  • SuperSONIC Breakfast Burrito Combo ($3.89)
  • Breakfast Toaster($2.89)
  • Ultimate meat and Cheese Breakfast Burrito ($5.99)

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Sonic’s Breakfast bowls

Crispy Bacon Breakfast Bowl: Bacon, eggs, cheese, grilled onions, and minced tomatoes.

Crispy Bacon and Tots Breakfast Bowl: Bacon, eggs, cheese, grilled onions, minced tomatoes, and crispy golden tots.

Savoury Sausage Breakfast Bowl: Sausage, eggs, cheese, grilled onions, and minced tomatoes.

Savory Sausage and Tots Breakfast Bowl: Sausage, eggs, cheese, grilled onions, minced tomatoes, and crispy golden tots.

Popular Sonic Breakfast Foods

1. Ultimate Meat & cheese burrito – this is the amazing breakfast burrito as it includes fluffy eggs, tots, savory sausage, and crispy bacon, and covered with cheddar cheese and warm tortilla.

2. Breakfast Toaster – If you would like to have a breakfast sandwich than a burrito then go with Sonic’s breakfast toaster as it is the best choice.

3. French Toast Sticks – this amazing menu is the best version of French toast.

4. Cinnamon Cinnasnacks with Cream Cheese Frosting – this breakfast is available as a combo with some tots and a drink.

How to Reach Sonic Restaurant?

  •  Visit and tap on the Location link which appears at the top of the Home screen.
  • Type your city, state, address, and click on search.
  • Click on the location which you would like to visit and get all the information about Sonic restaurants.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is Sonic breakfast served every day?

As breakfast is the important meal of the day, you can choose Sonic breakfast for the best menu. It serves breakfast for all the days and it is available for dinner also.

2. Does Sonic have breakfast sandwiches?

Sonic has the best breakfast toaster sandwiches where the sausage patty is served on thick and fresh Texas Toast. Also, Crispy bacon is topped with thick and fresh Texas Toast. It serves your favorite sausage or Baco, egg, melted cheese, and a buttery croissant.

3. What is inside the SuperSonic breakfast?

The SuperSonic breakfast burrito has yummy sausage, scrambled eggs, melty cheddar, cheese, golden tots, tomatoes, chopped onions, and jalapenos on a flour tortilla.

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