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Are you Starving now? Then, check out the Bob Evans Breakfast Hours timing along with the menu and pricing in this article. Having a daily Breakfast is very important in our life. So, have your breakfast at a proper time as well as healthy too. Some of the Restaurants like Bob Evans are serving healthy and quality foods to the people. 

Bob Evans Restaurant

Bob Evans Restaurant is also formerly Known as Bob Evans. It is an American Chain Restaurant. Bob Evans is located in 442 locations. You can get Breakfast Foods, Beverages, Steaks, Desserts, Chicken, Salads, Seafood, Soups, Burgers, and Sandwiches on the Bob Evans Restaurant menu. This restaurant is completely focused on treating the strangers, who all came with their friends and families; those principles are followed till now in all Bob Evens Restaurants. And Bob Evans Restaurant is sincere in Genuine Hospitality. Also, it focused on Serving Quality Foods to its customers. When we go out with our friends or family members, definitely we look for the best Cafe shop. In that list, we have Kona Cafe. Breakfast is also available in this restaurant.

Bob Evans Breakfast Hours:

The mentioned timing is a regular opening and closing time of the Bob Evans Restaurant. And the happy thing is you can get Breakfast in Bob Evans until its kitchen gets closed on the day.

Bob Evans Breakfast Hours

Bob Evans Restaurant Timing
Sunday – Monday 6. AM – 9. PM
Closed on Christmas Day
Breakfast Timing All Bob Evans Restaurants Serves Breakfast until the Kitchen has Closed for that day.

The Bob Evans Restaurant is Opened in all day, including some holidays. You can get the Food at this Restaurant on such Holidays:

  • New Year’s Day.
  • New Year’s Eve.
  • Martin Luther King.
  • Jr. Day (MLK Day).
  • Christmas Eve.
  • Valentine’s Day.
  • Cyber Monday.
  • Presidents Day.
  • Black Friday.
  • Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday.
  • Thanksgiving Day.
  • St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Veterans Day.
  • Good Friday.
  • Halloween.
  • Easter Sunday and Monday.
  • Columbus Day. 
  • Cinco de Mayo.
  • Labor Day.
  • Mother’s Day.
  • Independence Day (July 4th).
  • Memorial Day.
  • Father’s Day.

On these common holidays, the Bob Evans Restaurant is open, and they serve their regular breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. The Bob Evans Breakfast Hours and the Restaurant’s opening and closing times will differ in some locations like Airports and Malls. Burger Lovers will never miss visiting the Whataburger Breakfast restaurant. To learn more about this restaurant and about the Breakfast menus, tap on the link.

Bob Evans Breakfast Menu Book:

Bob Evans Menu

This Restaurant’s Breakfast menu had a huge list with a variety of dishes. All the dishes, Its price, Calories, and Proteins were mentioned in the following table. Dairy Queen is also the best Restaurant to have your breakfast. Check the Breakfast time and the dishes on the menu by proceeding with this article.

Here are your Favourites:

Items Price Calories Proteins
Seasonal Breakfast
Banana Nut Farmer’s Choice $13.19 1200 15
Choice of Farm Fresh Eggs (2) $6 420 39
Choice of Breakfast Meat $8.99 1070 82
Fam Fresh Breakfast Value Menu
Brioche French Toast $13.50 810 16
Buttermilk Hotcakes $9.99 1150 17
The Classic Breakfast $6.79 1810 121
Served with a Choice of Bread $6 780 11
Country Biscuit Breakfast $5.99 520 22
Mini Sampler $5.99 1040 70
Sunrise $5.99 1740 56
Sausage Gravy and Biscuits $4.69 660 15
Oatmeal $4.49 350 10
Bowl of Grits $3.49 390 3
Farmer’s Choice Breakfast
Double Meat Farmer’s Choice $8.99 3240 150
Farmer’s Choice Breakfast $8.99 3400 150
Homestead Farmer’s Choice $24.99 2160 136
Banana Berry Farmer’s Choice $5.00 2500 147
Bowls and Skillets
Everything Breakfast $4.99 1130 57
Double Meat Protein Bowl $10.99 1020 41
Avocado Veggie Protein Bowl $9.99 910 22
Sunshine Skillet $8.79 1440 31
Griddle More
Brioche French Toast $13.50 810 16
Buttermilk Hotcakes $4.99 1150 17
Double Blueberry Hotcakes $6.99 1090 17
Double Chocolate Hotcakes $6.99 1120 18
Farm Famous Breakfast Meats
Bob Evans Sausage Links $3.39 320 15
Bob Evans Sausage Patties $10.99 320 19
Hardwood-smoked Bacon $3.39 190 13
Hickory-smoked Ham $3.39 100 17
Two Turkey Sausage Links $3.39 140 18
Farm-Fresh Combos
The Whole Hog $74 1970 108
Sirloin Steak & Farm-Fresh Eggs $9.99 1590 94
Country-Fried Steak & Farm-Fresh Eggs $24.99 1740 70
Rise & Shine $19.99 2270 138
Honey Butter Chicken & Biscuit Breakfast $4.74 1850 87
The Big Egg Breakfast $8.99 2990 153
Three-Egg Omelets
Southern Avocado Omelet $10.29 800 39
Three Meat & Cheese Omelet $10.29 1210 70
Western Omelet $8.99 650 40
Build Your Own 3-Egg Omelet $7.99 1365 91

Does Your Mouth Waters!

Yeah, Definite Yes. Wow, it’s amazing. I would like to Taste all these Delicious dishes at the Bob Evans Restaurant. And I have uploaded the image of Bob Evans Restaurant’s Menu in the below section. Check it out right now.

Bob Evans Breakfast Hours Menu Bob Evans Breakfast Hours Menu Bob Evans Breakfast Hours Menu

Bob Evans Breakfast Hours MenuI am ready to go to the Bob Evans Restaurant to have my breakfast. You, too, have your Breakfast at the proper time. Oh, I am sorry, you don’t know where the Bob Evans restaurant is located in nearby your location. No worry about it, you can find it very easily. To know how to proceed to the next topic.

How to Find Bob Evans Restaurant Near Me?

To find the Bob Evans Restaurant near you, take your Laptop, Smartphone, or any smart streaming device. And visit the Bob Evans Official Site. Then click on the Locations option on the homepage. Now, you have to enter your Address, Zip Code, or City in the given box. Then, it shows you the location of the restaurant near you.

Find Bob Evans Location

Ok, now, we have found the Restaurant location. But every person had a confusion in choosing the dish on the menu. If you want to know the best Breakfast dish in the Bob Evans Restaurant Menu book, the next topic will explain to you. Do you like to know the Shake Breakfast Hours too? To know it, click on this link and know the timing of this Restaurant.

What is the Best Dish on Bob Evans’s Breakfast Menu?

It has many best and most popular dishes. But I have given some from that in this topic. Here they are:

Bob Evans Breakfast

It is a Honey Butter Chicken and Biscuit Family Breakfast, and you can find this dish in the Family Size Breakfast category on the menu. This dish contains Six Hand-Jellied Fried Chicken Breasts with Real Rich Honey, Six Chop Biscuits, Butter, A big portion of Eggs, Family Size Home Fries, and Hash Browns or Fresh Fruits. And it serves up to a total of 6.

Bob Evans Breakfast

It is a Double Meat Protein Bowl. And it contains 1020 Calories. You can have the Two Strips of Middle-Cut Hardwood- Smoked Bacon and Hickory-Smoked Ham on atop, Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Well Sauteed Spinach, Original Cheddar Cheese, Peppers, and Yummy Caramelized Onions. Also, it is served with the amazing toppings of Two Eggs, Chopped Tomatoes, and Hollandaise Sauce. And it serves along with Fresh Baked Biscuits and Diced Seasonal Fruit. Denny’s Breakfast has a delicious breakfast on its menu book. Click the link to know.

I think these two foods tempted us. Like these two, On Bob Evans Breakfast Hours, you can have more delicious dishes on the menu. I think you have reached the restaurant now. Get in and order your plate right now. Enjoy your Breakfast, and Have a Great Day…😀

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