Krystal Breakfast Hours | Menu Pricing List

Krystal is one of the American fast-food restaurant chains in the southeastern United States. Moreover, it is known for its small square hamburgers in the same way. Krystal has 350 restaurants in the southeast set to a rich heritage. Also, it is unique in making soft buns. Furthermore, Krystal favorites add chili cheese pups, desserts, corn dogs, chicks, and breakfast together with fresh-cracked eggs, grits, and sausage. Here is the guide about Krystal breakfast hours.

Moreover, you can take your favorite breakfast buffet at the nearest Krystal restaurant. Furthermore, if you like to have soft buns, I would always prefer Krystal baked buns. Additionally, Krystal conducts a Krystal square off VI world hamburger world championship every year.

Likewise, and if you wanted to know more about Krystal go and visit their official site, and furthermore you can also follow them on social media pages like Facebook and Twitter.

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Features of Krystal Restaurant

Krystal restaurant not only provides great food but also has good infrastructure. Likewise, the features of Krystal restaurant are seating, table service, parking facilities available, accept credit cards, and in addition to that, it provides free wifi to their customers equally.

Online ordering

Moreover, you can order your favorite Krystal breakfast online through

krystal breakfast hours

Krystal Breakfast hours menu with prices


  • Original scrambler-combo($4.49)
  • Low carb scrambler-combo($3.99)
  • 3 Egg breakfast-plate($4.99)
  • Sausage gravy scrambler-combo($4.69)
  • 2 sunrises-combo($3.99)
  • Breakfast toast sandwich-combo($3.99)
  • Breakfast biscuit-combo($3.99)
  • Chik biscuit($3.99)


  • French fries-small($1.59)
  • French fries-medium($1.99)
  • French fries-large($2.19)
  • Chili cheese fries($2.89)
  • Chili bowl($2.39)
  • grits($0.99)
  • Hashbrown kryspers($0.99)

Value Packs

  • 12 Krystal Sackful -Combo($13.49)
  • Krystal Burger-12 Pc($8.99)
  • Cheese Krystal Burger -12 Pc($10.99)
  • Krystal Burger -24 Pc($16.99)
  • Cheese Krystal Burger -24Pc($19.99)
  • Krystal Burger -48Pc($31.99)
  • Wings -12Pc($8.99)
  • Wings -24Pc($16.99)
  • Wings -48Pc($31.99)

Chik’ & Pup’ Combos

  • 3 Chiks –Combo($5.99)
  • 3 Pups –Combo($5.99)
  • Corn Pup ($1.39)
  • Wings –Combo 6 Pc($6.99)

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Kid’s meals

Meal include side,drink and dessert
  • Krystal burger-meal(3.49)
  • Krystal chick-meal(3.49)
  • Pup-meal(3.49)

Krystal combos

Combo include medium side and drink
  • 4 original krystals-combo($5.69)
  • 3 double krystals-combo($6.29)
  • 3 triple krystals-combo($6.99)
  • 5 cheese krystals-combo($7.39)
  • 5 loaded krystals-combo($6.29)  


  • Soft drink-small($1.59)
  • Soft drink-medium($1.79)
  • Soft drink-large($1.99)
  • Ice tea-small($1.59)
  • Ice tea-medium($1.79)
  • Ice tea-large($1.99)
  • tea($2.49)
  • Signature coffee($1.39)
  • milk($1.59)
  • Orange juice($1.59)
  • Bottle water($1.59)
  • Arctic blast($2.19)

Of course, the above-given are the delicious items in the Krystal breakfast menu and additionally, it keeps focusing on improving their core menu products equally.

Krystal breakfast hours timing

Krystal restaurants on weekdays start serving fresh and delicious breakfast buffets at 5:00 a.m. and stop serving breakfast items at 11:00 a.m. Similarly, on weekends, Krystal starts serving breakfast at 7:00 a.m. and ends at 11:00 a.m. As you have a bit more time to get out of bed on weekends you can eat your favorite dish and in the same way, Krystal keeps opening also on holidays to enjoy your favorite breakfast. Furthermore, make sure about the operating hours as working hours of Krystal restaurants may vary by location.

Moreover, some of the Krystal customers ask? Can we order Krystal burgers in the morning? Yes, they serve Krystal burgers at any time of the day equally. Of course, you can go to a Krystal restaurant near you as well as enjoy Krystal burgers whenever you want.

Krystal Holiday Hours

Additionally, Krystal Restaurant remains open all the days except the days which are enlisted below,

  1. New Year’s Day
  2. Martin Luther King Jr. Day (MLK Day)
  3. Valentine’s Day
  4. Presidents Day
  5. Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday
  6. St. Patrick’s Day
  7. Good Friday
  8. Easter Sunday
  9. Easter Monday
  10. Cinco de Mayo
  11. Mother’s Day
  12. Memorial Day
  13. Father’s Day
  14. Independence Day
  15. Labor Day
  16. Columbus Day
  17. Halloween
  18. Veterans Day
  19. Thanksgiving Day
  20. Black Friday
  21. Cyber Monday
  22. Christmas Eve
  23. New Year’s Eve

Use of Chain’s store locator

Additionally, before going to the restaurant it is good to be confirmed about the operating hours in advance from Chain’s store locator or through Call as you need not wait for such a long time.

How to use the chain’s store locator?

Use the chain’s store locator to find a restaurant near you.

  1. First, visit the chain’s locator webpage.
  2. Enter the city or zip code of your location in the search box.
  3. Click the search option to start the search.
  4. Now, open the restaurant details page.

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